charteringOur Chartering Division represents owners and charterers around the globe. Our goal is to maximize vessel utilization. The Chartering staff is experienced in various types of cargo vessels. We cover the various modes of vessel employment from bareboat and time charters to COA’s, spot or period employment.

Our focus is on complete coverage of all options available with minimal response time. Our practical approach has a dedicated advocacy for owners and charterers alike. Above all, our imagination and initiative makes us stand out

We offer;

  • Full service, from fixing to collecting balance freight and demurrage
  • Voyage estimations and voyage calculations
  • Ability to always fix at levels that will result in maximum profits for the client
  • Spot trading when advantageous to maximize income
  • CMI also takes charge of a charterer’s cargo requirements, from securing the proper vessel to completion of the voyage. This is accomplished by:
  • Staying in touch with the world market
  • Negotiating contract details to ensure the chartered vessel is capable of handling the cargo in a damage free manner
  • Staying closely involved, assisting in any disputes, assisting in laytime calculations and collection of despatch
  • Having available a diversified fleet of in-house vessels

We have also analyzed new building and conversion scenarios for various trades, especially for companies entering or expanding in international business. We also provide the attendant financial analysis in conjunction with our sale or purchase efforts. As the world grows smaller, we have successfully brought importers and exporters into international trade, allowing them to extend their control of markets.